The son suddenly cut all communication with his maternal grandmother

I am 40 years old, single mother, son in grade 10. I divorced my husband for 4 years, since then my father and my son have never had a pension or visit. I did not dare to think of my own feelings, but worried about my children.

In the early years when I divorced, I found my son normal, sometimes even saying that my mother and I lived so well, there were three arguments about each other, fighting for forehead swelling and suffering. My work is quite hard but I always spend time talking and confiding with my children. I am very obedient and understand the story. For the past year, I have no idea what my child is experiencing and I hardly ever talk, always avoid me and answer very brief questions like "yes", "no" or "don't know". I still study hard, obediently, after school or playing puzzles and reading comics, especially I get angry easily when someone reminds me about my father and family.

I once drove my child to school about colliding with another motorbike, both sides exchanging words, I tried to beat people with bricks. When my grandmother died, my mother, my brothers and my sister-in-law were sitting and talking, and my son sat next to me, listening to nothing and never going home. When I got home, I blocked all phone numbers. I have a small, heavy-mouthed but my son refused to come back, if Mom liked me, she would come back. Since then, the relationship between the child and the maternal family is also distant.

One time my brother paid me to ask me to take care of him, I asked him, "My mother asked for your help, my mother does not need anyone to be pitied, I am going to work soon, even if I am hungry I will never Now take your money. " My younger brother also said that he had a reckless and haphazard attitude. I kept asking why he had such an attitude towards his maternal grandmother, and he answered, "Because of his feelings, I want to live up to my feelings, love to hate clearly. There is no one to live in my mother's life, I am responsible for myself, I have to show my attitude when someone disrespects me so I can protect you. " The words my child understands partly because I am quite gentle, do not like to argue much, sometimes I was bullied by the youngest in the house.

What worries me the most is that she is very introverted and sensitive to many things, thinks like an adult, is not as carefree as a friend of the same age. My child is still studious, obedient, and loving my mother but I do not understand what he is thinking and wanting. I was really confused when my son was growing and his temperament was always abnormal. Sometimes I think it's good that I don't give my child a complete family? Any single mother who has children like me, share with me. Thank you.