Psychological consultant Phong Nguyen suggested

Dear friend!

Through the lines of letter you open up, I deeply feel the urgency to get out of your current situation. Perhaps the present family life really makes you feel stuck, totally immersed in suffering and torment, while having the thought that you are the cause of everything. However, all of the emotions you have been experiencing are the reactions that are likely to occur in anyone in the face of a breakdown.

First, in terms of the relationship between you and your husband, it is possible that your mental breakdown has made you unknowingly forget that divorce, or whatever the outcome is, is rooted in both. Besides, the end of a relationship is only meant to inform that the two sides no longer meet each other's needs, this does not mean that your self-worth decreases or you are automatically label with any other undesirable names.

As a mother, you will definitely have more to worry about. You and your husband have broken up many times because you wanted to have two children to live with both parents. However, we all understand that these efforts do not work well when your spouse is unable to stay together. Moreover, when children live in a family environment where their parents often argue, the scuffle takes a lot of negative effects on psychology. Therefore, I think this is the time when you and your husband consider another method, both to solve the problem between the couple and to be able to provide both financially and mentally for the children.

As you have shared, you are completely able to financially support your children with the current job. Moreover, after your divorce, your husband is still responsible for providing financial support for you and your children to have a sufficient living condition. I encourage you to make separate plans for your parents and children after moving out, creating an initiative for your own life, determining the amount of money a month you need to pay (tuition, meals, petrol, etc.). ). Then seek additional sources of outside income, or seek support from your family for the first time (3-6 months). Besides, you and your husband can fully schedule to take the children to go out, connect with both sides of the family. Your husband still has the right and obligation to visit and take care of them both mentally so that they do not lack their father's love.

Whatever decision you make, with all my sincerity, I always expect you to think and believe that you have the right, the ability to become an emotionally independent woman, think, act. Wishing you always steady on the road ahead, a solid support for yourself and the children.