Người tình biến mất âm thầm khi vợ anh biết chuyện

I am an adulteress woman. He came to me when I was the most lonely, when I could not find a common voice with my husband and our marriage was very boring and boring.

I found in him sympathy, sharing and then we betrayed the family to intimate relationship with each other. Every time I finish this, I tell myself to stop because it is an unethical relationship and social norms. You have a family, me too, no one wants to tear down the family. He always said he loved me, in my heart he had a certain place and an intimacy, fascination hard to resist.

This relationship has lasted a few years, we also think of ending without being able to do it. Then his wife knew, from that day he disappeared without any explanation, no farewell. Sometimes on social media I still see him posting pictures of happiness with his family, I feel so sour. I can not forget you. 3 months passed and he still did not reply, so I still think about him incessantly.

Should I take the initiative to see you break up? The fact that he didn't contact me was discovered, because he didn't love me or because he still loved me, right? Now I want to get out of this situation without knowing what to do, please give me advice.