My wife definitely did not let me test DNA of a newborn baby

My mother asked me to take a DNA test, my wife said if she did she would hug her baby, what should I do?

Please introduce me in Lam Dong, 41 years old, once a 3-year-old son died when he drowned. Since then my wife 'released' forever without pregnancy. We went to see the treatment because his wife had 2 ovaries blocked and ovarian decline. We also tried treatment and fertilization, but we could not get enough eggs so we could not do it. We only knew how to use traditional medicine for miscellaneous plants. 13 years have passed, my wife has never been pregnant. Until last year my mother went to buy some medicine from a physician, then she took it for 7 or 8 months. My wife was pregnant and my baby was born and everyone said it was not like me.

My family sold the whole field to buy medicine for my wife. The couple was very hard to have this child. I want to do DNA testing, the company says I need hair samples or nails of my children and father but my wife insists on not doing it. If I do it, I will leave home. My mother said to do. I do not know what to do. Now she's hugging me all day, there's no way to get a sample, she doesn't have hair. One side is the mother, the other is the wife, what should I do right? Actually the baby is not like his parents at all. I am very confused, insomnia 2 weeks now. Now look forward to writing up so readers have advice for me. Thank you.