My boyfriend said I was an adulteress

He suggested that we have children to force us to marry, I disagree because his mother did not like me, it would only be more disgusting. I said I wanted to stop, he thought I was exhausted.

I am 30 years old, 32-year-old lover, know each other nearly two years. We all work away from home, I live in the North, my brother in the Central Highlands. After 2 months, my family wanted me to come back to my hometown to prevent this love, the reason for the geographical distance and the home of my father with a birth defect brother. I went home to follow my family's wishes but we stayed in touch and fell in love for a year. When I returned to my hometown, he came to visit me and talk with my family. My parents saw that we were determined to love each other, so we all suppressed our worries and sadly agreed.

A year later, I left the country to return to live with him as a married couple, though my family was very sad and disappointed in me. This time we went to visit his house. His family is very poor, I could predict but still a little shocked because of being so poor. When his mother and relatives asked them to marry me, I answered that he was still in school (he worked in the armed forces, was in college), so he was not married, wait until later when they were ready to report. . Then his mother said no to me. I just thought his mother was not satisfied.

His family has a due bank debt due to the loan of a family member who is in debt, now they have fled to owe it to his family. I decided to sell my land down here to support my mother. Hearing that he sold the land, his mother called to say that he wanted to come and play with him, afraid he would play with girls and boys out of money. While he was working as a salary, he could not afford to study, pay debts, and borrow money from the bank to buy land. Since I knew him, I give him extra money every month. I voluntarily gave it because I felt sorry for my salary that I was too little and struggled enough. Once he even asked me to lend money to his friend, and then he didn't return it. I have never spent any of his money or tapped anything, when I heard his mother say that I felt terribly offended, and then passed.

I told him to get married first, get married later, if we stay together like this, we would not marry or not, he would avoid it. This time my family pressed for marriage, said if determined to marry this year or break up, free each other, both old already. His mother resolutely disagreed, she said if she married, she would not marry me, if she could live together and have children, she would not be married.

I really love him very much and also know he loves me but I no longer see their future. I love leaving my family, my job, my daughter's dignity. Love my brother, despite the advice of family and friends, in the eyes of everyone I am childish, in the determination of reason, love is blind, feeble, cowardly. because I love you so much. Now, to him, I am the adulteress, and he is the poor woman. What should I do?