Knowing my husband hid me to send money back, my parents still received it

I asked them two times when they were still hiding me while I voted, and had to pay the debt.

The husband secretly sent money to his parents 587
Hello brothers and sisters, I am the author of the article: "The husband secretly sent money to his parents". After reading 11 pages of comments, I decided to write more articles to help people understand my family's situation, as well as through this I share my confidences. I have a straight personality and have already talked to my husband. Many of your questions, I think it is necessary to correct them so that those who easily write down those lines, please think in many ways.

My family is from the Central region, my father passed away when I was in 9th grade, and my mother raised two sisters to study alone. Money is very important to me. Money to support themselves, to aspire, to a better life. From a child who is lower than you, graduated from 16 million to 43 million as at present, I have been striving incessantly, not sticking to my husband as you compare. Before getting married, I also helped my mother pay off the debt, raise her child, and then save 100 million to get married. My husband is in the same class, graduated from the same starting point as me, after 3 years of working, 6 months before the wedding, he could not save any money, money was sent to his hometown to help his family. His family is from a farmer in the West, only he is educated, by the time he graduated, the siblings were married.

We just wanted to get married in the city because we had friends and colleagues, but we both wanted to do it in the countryside, so each family took care of the expenses. In particular, after the wedding, my mother gave me all the money to make dowry, and my parents-in-law asked to keep the gold, I did not agree because it was the money that the couple saved themselves. Perhaps so that the husband just gave us 500 thousand coins to ride. Since the wedding, we have sent money to the family of the husband but of course it is fixed and not miscellaneous as the time the husband sent it. My mother was young and had income so she agreed to help her when she needed it and Tet money, and my father's death anniversary.

In 2015, after 6 months of marriage we earned about 35 million, to save 300 million, decided to buy a home more than one billion. Need to borrow a lot, but my sister refused even though we promised to pay 50 million after a few months, my father said I could not help, so that was all. Honestly, I think if your family manages to lend it to us, I will appreciate them a lot. My mother borrowed an additional VND 300 million from his uncle and uncle, and I borrowed VND 600 million to buy a house. As I save, I should pay back the debt within 3 years, pay it according to the decreasing balance, so I will gradually have a surplus from 2017, at the same time I was born, hired a maid, sent my child to school ... Our grandmother still regularly performs monthly medical check-ups, buy health insurance for both parents. Particularly grandparents won land compensation of about 100 million in 2017 and then built houses, my wife and I also helped.

In 2018, we had a surplus of 700 million to buy a second apartment in the inner city for the convenience of going to primary school later. The loan this time I did not ask an hour to his family, because I know I asked the same. My mother gave me a mortgage of VND 1.2 billion, I borrowed an additional aunt and uncle VND 400 million. All the disabilities I ask for are here to borrow, this time the couple's income is 70 million / month, of which I earn 38 million. At the beginning of the year, I also had to sell more miscellaneous goods even though I had a lot of work to earn more income to offset interest. My mother sold a stall and borrowed money to pay the loan. Even her surplus of 10 million also asked me to pay the bank. 2 months now our income increased to 95 million is also when I see my husband send money to the family without notice. If you look at the whole long process of striving, I don't think that the level of support for your grandparents is too small or that we are at risk, I do not agree with excessive expenses, shopping, spending, drinking. gosh ... I'm a picky person, so if I look at it from a Westerner, it's probably stingy. It is better to be stingy than not have any spare money like my husband and I married. Or do we have uncertainties in our lives, who support us and our children?

When I stepped into my husband's house, my parents are the one who raised me to school, so far I have not been able to help my mother much. While I and my husband's family, the past did not have each other, my grandparents did not provide material support since I came back to work as a loan even though I borrowed it. My view is back and forth, sometimes through one I will go back 10, but as the behavior of grandparents, I feel that the support was appropriate to the situation. Not to mention my father and sister-in-law know my husband sent home 20 million not talking to me, still laughing and accepting money.

I have made it clear to my husband how hurt I feel, my money does not have to be reclaimed, but the conduct I find unsuitable in the role of the elderly is my father and sister-in-law, if in a nurturing family For me, maybe everything will be different. My friend and husband sent money to my husband and my parents called me to ask if my friend knew. You will feel that my life is stressful, but I am still fulfilling my family's standard of living, traveling every year, eating and drinking, going to school without debt and repaying my children. What we do now is to help our children have a better life in the future, not to beg for adoption. You also do not feel in my article only money is money, we are talking about the topic of money, family expenses, I cannot gossip about the colorful life we ​​are going through. Thank you everyone and please close my story here.