I'm happy to be home with a little girl

14 years ago, I was a young graduate teacher, full of enthusiasm. Suffering the new job that taught the final year students should be basically the same.

Once the school organized an exchange with a bank, I sang a song and finished singing down the seat when a small, lovely student with sad eyes holding a shy rose bouquet: "I give you ", that moment changed my whole life.

I was so impressed with the young student that she went to the student room to ask for background information, she did not attend the class she taught. Then I found out her home address and boldly came over. Just like that during the day, the teacher went to teach, the students went to school, in the evening he went to school and the students worked part-time. After 2 years when I graduated from graduate school, the student graduated from university and then went to work, the teachers and students decided to go to the same house.

Then the big princess was born, the husband of the lecturer and the accountant wife, in general, the material life was also difficult. Then I started a business with my friend, 3 years after the loss, debt. Perhaps teaching and opening a company at the same time, so it's not good to do anything. My wife always encouraged me to pass, and then I went everywhere to borrow money to pay the debt. I decided to take a break from teaching, close the company, go to work for a foreign company, and my wife quit my accounting job and came back to open a small shop selling women's fashion. Time went by, debt after 2 years to work I paid off.

After getting married, I want the couple to live separately but the wife does not agree with the reason like no one: "In private, who can manage the teacher, but he kept going around so I stay at home with my grandparents to help avoid fear". That's it, my wife has been living with her parents-in-law for 14 years now and never knows. Having my parents always defended her, more than defending my son, didn't know why.

Now, after 14 years, the time is not too long or too short, my wife and I have a spacious house with a swimming pool, trees, a car large enough for the whole family to hang out for the weekend and especially have three more lovely angels that I just want to finish working hours to return to them immediately. It is said that happiness comes from the simplest things and yes, after 14 years everything can change, shape, relationship, but the one thing that doesn't change is my love for her. . I still want a working day to pass quickly so I can go home to play with my three angels and tease my little student.

On the last day of autumn, the weather was nice, the schedule with the partner was soon and successful faster than expected. Sitting in his room he wanted to write some thanks to "my little student". Want to say a sentence: "Thank you my little pupil".