I went back home for five and a half years but my grandparents did not look once

I am the author of the article: "I decided not to let my husband take my children to visit my grandparents", thank you for your understanding and sharing, and also thank you so much for the bricks and stones of many brothers.

Only then did I realize that I am so lucky because my husband is a modernist, non-patriarchal and imposing wife and child like his brothers. I do not intend to explain, justify, only a few points to clarify so that you do not have to misunderstand and also want to end the story here because there are many things to worry about in life.

Our two children are not fluent in Vietnamese, they are completely innocent and innocent, do not know anything about their grandchildren 's home, they are too young to understand, only know that their grandmother or video call every day, they realize It's just a grandmother, so there's no way you can tell me that I raised my son to be hostile. I have never told my child that my paternal house is not so good or that or praised my grandmother, nor have I ever banned her from contacting my paternal house; These things only my husband and I understand.

Her parents-in-law are not old people, they live in the middle of Ho Chi Minh City and know how to use social networks. When my son was born, they were only 54 years old, and my mother-in-law had only retired for about a year. Every time our parents-in-law's phone number called us, we hung up, and called back to our grandparents to save money, so there was no cost to call abroad so they didn't ask. My children lived in Vietnam for one and a half years, my grandparents did not look at his face once, then my wife and I did not mention that, invited my grandmother to come and play with my grandchildren for 3 months, she also answered that I did not come.

Some say my husband is weak and clingy to his wife's skirt. He is not perfect but he works hard and respects women and families. My wife and I have the help of our maternal grandmother, but both of them make efforts, work hard, not just spread the red carpet. Because of that, my maternal grandmother respected him very much, just like the "guest-in-law", no one dared to despise him. My husband can buy tickets himself and take his children back anytime without my consent, but if he doesn't choose to do so, you can understand why. If you do anything rash, do not think about the consequences of the future, we probably will not live together for 10 years and have 2 children. I know he knows how to think for children so he doesn't act in a hurry.

How we care about grandparents should not need to tell here, not to tell me gossiping, slander husband's family. Perhaps some of you confuse moss and confide. I only confided my story, did not name the image of my parents-in-law to advertise to the whole society. The talk section is the place to express your feelings, nobody knows who is who. I don't see any hatred in my mind, my point is clearly that if I have determined that I am uncomfortable in a relationship, avoid mentioning it. I can only try to heal a few times in my life, not my whole life. Sorry I'm not a saint. The reason I had written the previous day was because my husband reminded me about bringing my children to grandparents to see my face, otherwise my family would never talk about it.

I think you guys should have a glimpse of what I want to be a single mother, think of simply that when you're off, you need to stop the relationship. My husband is quite a good person, I agree, but my love is only 20%, you recommend that I still live in that marriage? I am more than love. You also do not think that divorce is due to adultery or want to earn West, West is not sure as we should not think of West is terrible. I find it very funny to think that I want to leave my husband and get married to the West; I'm not a teenage girl who needs a nationality to marry West, trade everything.

The future I did not say in advance but currently there is no need for men, as well as being emotional with the opposite sex. The work of women like rice, family management or the things of men I do okay. I think that being a single mother in society right now is not so different. Lastly, I just want to say thank you for all of your advice, I still keep my point of not letting my kids go home without me, for the health of the kids, and more I love my dad but I can never sleep with him. I just sleep with my mom. When I have the opportunity to play, it will create opportunities for children to meet.