I no longer love my husband

My husband and I have been married for 5 years, having 2 children who are very tedious. Talking about my married life up to the present time just encapsulated through two words "stuffy".

When I married I didn't think much, how much gold money was given to the husband's house to build the house, I only had the wedding ring to be valuable at that time. When I returned to my husband's home, I found that life was too stifling. My husband, after returning home from work, buried his head in coffee and had a drink and could not help me with anything. Sometimes I told him not to take care of my children, I told him to do it but then he came to my hands, from rice, clothes, children ... I don't know why I'm so strong anymore. , sometimes exhausted, I ate rice while crying.

My husband left me at home to follow his friends for "relationships". In my eyes, they are unjust and career. Yet he came and my brother, cursing me for not taking care of his sick child, unable to cook good meals, while good food for me, he never asked me what to eat and what to do. Every time he quarreled, he went to sleep with my mother-in-law, sometimes 2 to 3 weeks, and my mother and I slept indifferently. Meeting each other in the house, we walked past each other like 2 strangers.

I disliked my father-in-law, when he went out on the street, he was thrown away to fill his house, and in the house like a battlefield, I was not allowed to clean them, if touched I would be cursed. My father always confessed to me and cursed me for being stupid, especially saying that I was a freeloader. My mother-in-law almost had nothing to criticize except my dissatisfaction with me. She never gave sincere suggestions, always waiting for my husband to tell me. I am tired of my married life, I cannot remember being cursed by my husband and my father-in-law, I was kicked out of my house because I did not do what they wanted. There are times when I defy everything, hug things away.

Not to mention my husband is lazy, brute, anything can hit me. When I was about to give birth to my second baby (one week to be due), he cursed me badly in front of my brother. When I gave birth in the hospital people were cared for by my family members, and I swam by myself. The day I was discharged from the hospital, I accidentally hit my head with my hand, my husband also cursed me in front of so many people, making me extremely embarrassed. My first child was autistic, the first sentence my brother told me because when I was not happy to vote, I was frowning all the time, watching horror movies so much so his son ..., enough. I am really tired, does anyone understand me?