Husband wants to manage family expenses

My husband and I have been married for 2 years, with a nearly one-year-old baby boy. Now he says he doesn't trust me to spend, telling me to give him all his salary and what he gives to see if he has to borrow so much.

Before marriage, there were many problems but I thought nobody was perfect, so I kept closing my eyes. We quarreled, or argued, especially about money. He only finished high school, worked as a hired labor and manual labor; I attended a prestigious university and graduated a stable job. The people I contact with are only in the market environment, and when I use profanity. My friends all have an education and the workplace environment so communication is different. This until I got married I discovered. I love him because he is someone who cares, and when he quarrels, he often shows himself as a selfish and paternalistic person.

I want to rent a house near my workplace to travel from the moment of getting married, he called away. I want a peaceful home only. Until I got elected again, he was the same. I think the couple now has no economy, a little far away for cheap, later finished laying out more widely. Every day I still carry the dozen pregnant pregnancy. In addition, when I was pregnant, I was passive, had to stay at home for 2 weeks, at 6 months of pregnancy, threatened to give birth prematurely, that did not stir his mind. When he gave birth and went back to work, he wanted to rent a bigger space because there were children and grandmother to look after him, he still insisted on staying in that area.

He did not work as a salary, he never gave me money, money he spends, buy whatever he buys. Like that, I don't know exactly how much you work because of uncertainty, not working the other day. My salary is over tens of millions, spending in the family, of course his salary also spent on the family as well. I want you to find a stable, low-paying job as well, thanks to that and that. I worked for 3 months there. Now my husband and I still have to borrow, every month I announce how much I owe. Last month when I announced it, my assistant fire, calling me so much, asking me to buy a lot of things, he even said he didn't trust me in economic matters.

When I was not married, I used to shop, go to the movies, go out to eat with my friends. My monthly salary is not only for my mother but also for clothes and cosmetics. Since getting married with children. I only spend for my family, I no longer communicate with my friends on outings, coffee, movies, I don't buy anything for myself, my clothes are still in old clothes or sometimes women The company brings second hand goods. I am quite independent, even if I run out of money I would rather borrow money from you than want to ask my husband for money. Because there were a few times when I ran out of money, opened my wallet to get some three hundred, he said that the money was running low, my wife 'trimmed' a bit too much. Knowing it was a joke but really, it made me think.