'A hut of two gold hearts paintings' is durable

From the day he started working as a real estate salesman, I had to ask for extra support from my mother to take care of both of our boarding houses. His salary was within the limit of a dozen days, then I braced myself.

We have known each other for more than 2 years, through the mutual play friends. At that time, I didn't think I would know him because he was younger. At that time, he was just a graduate student, his career was not stable. Gradually, I was persuaded by him because of his quiet personality, hard work, older thoughts than his age, I accepted his affection at any time.

We are all people from the province who come to Saigon to study and work. Later, when the two moved to live in a shared accommodation, our bad habits gradually showed up, disagreements about thinking, and how to live a lot. It was over.

For the past half year, he moved to a real estate company in sales position, before that he also studied to get a real estate broker certificate. He shared that he was interested in this career and wanted to work to see if it was appropriate. I support because you think that you will try probation within 3 months is clear results, probationary salary is just over 3 million. I have been unemployed for a long time, mostly as a freelancer, my income is not stable, just enough to take care of myself.

Every day I give him money to spend, meet customers. Just after 3 months, he still has not closed a customer to bring the contract to the company. I have repeatedly commented that the work is not suitable, he should move to the right major in the hotel restaurant, it is better, the main thing is to stabilize their material life, but now we still have to Get more support from family. Our family are all unaware of this affair.

Yet every time I share the worry that "rice and rice money", he gets angry, saying that this job needs to be persistent to succeed, where it has absorbed a few months. He also told me to look down on him, criticize him for being incompetent, say that his family did not support him, and that I was the only one who supported him. He made himself do it, said no need to help me from any money now, borrow yourself, take care of, do not bother me. He was even more sulky, saying that he would go to work more at night in the restaurant until late at night. Every time I was angry, he ran away from home in the night, and I always begged and apologized to not want him to wander the streets.

For the past few months I have been trying not to ask my mother for any more money. The money I saved with most of it around when living around worrying for both. I lived moderately and waited for luck from him to close a guest to receive a% of commission from the contract. Or rather, I just hope to quickly come to the day when he will give up the hope of this precarious job.

To this day, when I heard him say that this month's salary was just over one and a half million dongs due to the deduction of up to 2 million for running the general advertising of the team, I urged him to quit immediately. You have done this work for half a year, I told you that if you do not take a break, I will go back to my hometown for a while, only then will I be able to reduce the spending for one person. When you spend most of it I will go back to help you.

So he turned to tell me to leave him in difficult times, and then told him to do this because of his passion, whether he had to leave or anything after Tet. He said he was not the type to live in safety, didn't dare to face challenges like me; If I can't suffer with him, that's all, he doesn't force me. He told me to find someone else to take care of my life better. Actually, he is a good person, very fond of pampering me, he comes home from work and also knows to take care of rice, laundry, cleaning the house. I did not expect anything more than a simple life, just having enough warm clothes, enough food to wear, not falling into poverty, debt was very peaceful. Yet the way of life, our views differ so much, has not found a common voice.

I was bewildered, not sure what to do to improve the relationship between the two of us? Am I too pragmatic to support my career passion? Please give me sincere advice. Thanks a lot.