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My husband's family turned away when I did not continue to let him stay at home

My husband and my husband's family reacted harshly, criticizing me, saying that I was selfish, so that the boy would suffer.

When I was a student, my husband and I lived with my husband and I for 4 years, I took one and a half million dong per month to support living expenses (his family has conditions). Because I'm a boy, I don't know how to do housework, if I can do it, I won't say anything, so I don't have to do any housework. I happily accepted because I thought he was not independent, so I should help, as if I were to serve another child.

My house has only 2 bedrooms, currently the couple and 2 children share a room; But as the children get older, they need to have their own living space to prevent them from seeing bad things. Therefore, when she graduated and found a job with a high income, I suggested that she let her stay at the boarding house for everyone to relax. I think a young 24-year-old young man who has a job and has a high income will be able to live independently.

Because of this, the relationship between husband and wife was hard, the husband's family turned to me even though they had not praised before. Am I wrong to do that, everyone?

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Knowing my husband hid me to send money back, my parents still received it

I asked them two times when they were still hiding me while I voted, and had to pay the debt.

The husband secretly sent money to his parents 587
Hello brothers and sisters, I am the author of the article: "The husband secretly sent money to his parents". After reading 11 pages of comments, I decided to write more articles to help people understand my family's situation, as well as through this I share my confidences. I have a straight personality and have already talked to my husband. Many of your questions, I think it is necessary to correct them so that those who easily write down those lines, please think in many ways.

My family is from the Central region, my father passed away when I was in 9th grade, and my mother raised two sisters to study alone. Money is very important to me. Money to support themselves, to aspire, to a better life. From a child who is lower than you, graduated from 16 million to 43 million as at present, I have been striving incessantly, not sticking to my husband as you compare. Before getting married, I also helped my mother pay off the debt, raise her child, and then save 100 million to get married. My husband is in the same class, graduated from the same starting point as me, after 3 years of working, 6 months before the wedding, he could not save any money, money was sent to his hometown to help his family. His family is from a farmer in the West, only he is educated, by the time he graduated, the siblings were married.

We just wanted to get married in the city because we had friends and colleagues, but we both wanted to do it in the countryside, so each family took care of the expenses. In particular, after the wedding, my mother gave me all the money to make dowry, and my parents-in-law asked to keep the gold, I did not agree because it was the money that the couple saved themselves. Perhaps so that the husband just gave us 500 thousand coins to ride. Since the wedding, we have sent money to the family of the husband but of course it is fixed and not miscellaneous as the time the husband sent it. My mother was young and had income so she agreed to help her when she needed it and Tet money, and my father's death anniversary.

In 2015, after 6 months of marriage we earned about 35 million, to save 300 million, decided to buy a home more than one billion. Need to borrow a lot, but my sister refused even though we promised to pay 50 million after a few months, my father said I could not help, so that was all. Honestly, I think if your family manages to lend it to us, I will appreciate them a lot. My mother borrowed an additional VND 300 million from his uncle and uncle, and I borrowed VND 600 million to buy a house. As I save, I should pay back the debt within 3 years, pay it according to the decreasing balance, so I will gradually have a surplus from 2017, at the same time I was born, hired a maid, sent my child to school ... Our grandmother still regularly performs monthly medical check-ups, buy health insurance for both parents. Particularly grandparents won land compensation of about 100 million in 2017 and then built houses, my wife and I also helped.

In 2018, we had a surplus of 700 million to buy a second apartment in the inner city for the convenience of going to primary school later. The loan this time I did not ask an hour to his family, because I know I asked the same. My mother gave me a mortgage of VND 1.2 billion, I borrowed an additional aunt and uncle VND 400 million. All the disabilities I ask for are here to borrow, this time the couple's income is 70 million / month, of which I earn 38 million. At the beginning of the year, I also had to sell more miscellaneous goods even though I had a lot of work to earn more income to offset interest. My mother sold a stall and borrowed money to pay the loan. Even her surplus of 10 million also asked me to pay the bank. 2 months now our income increased to 95 million is also when I see my husband send money to the family without notice. If you look at the whole long process of striving, I don't think that the level of support for your grandparents is too small or that we are at risk, I do not agree with excessive expenses, shopping, spending, drinking. gosh ... I'm a picky person, so if I look at it from a Westerner, it's probably stingy. It is better to be stingy than not have any spare money like my husband and I married. Or do we have uncertainties in our lives, who support us and our children?

When I stepped into my husband's house, my parents are the one who raised me to school, so far I have not been able to help my mother much. While I and my husband's family, the past did not have each other, my grandparents did not provide material support since I came back to work as a loan even though I borrowed it. My view is back and forth, sometimes through one I will go back 10, but as the behavior of grandparents, I feel that the support was appropriate to the situation. Not to mention my father and sister-in-law know my husband sent home 20 million not talking to me, still laughing and accepting money.

I have made it clear to my husband how hurt I feel, my money does not have to be reclaimed, but the conduct I find unsuitable in the role of the elderly is my father and sister-in-law, if in a nurturing family For me, maybe everything will be different. My friend and husband sent money to my husband and my parents called me to ask if my friend knew. You will feel that my life is stressful, but I am still fulfilling my family's standard of living, traveling every year, eating and drinking, going to school without debt and repaying my children. What we do now is to help our children have a better life in the future, not to beg for adoption. You also do not feel in my article only money is money, we are talking about the topic of money, family expenses, I cannot gossip about the colorful life we ​​are going through. Thank you everyone and please close my story here.

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My wife definitely did not let me test DNA of a newborn baby

My mother asked me to take a DNA test, my wife said if she did she would hug her baby, what should I do?

Please introduce me in Lam Dong, 41 years old, once a 3-year-old son died when he drowned. Since then my wife 'released' forever without pregnancy. We went to see the treatment because his wife had 2 ovaries blocked and ovarian decline. We also tried treatment and fertilization, but we could not get enough eggs so we could not do it. We only knew how to use traditional medicine for miscellaneous plants. 13 years have passed, my wife has never been pregnant. Until last year my mother went to buy some medicine from a physician, then she took it for 7 or 8 months. My wife was pregnant and my baby was born and everyone said it was not like me.

My family sold the whole field to buy medicine for my wife. The couple was very hard to have this child. I want to do DNA testing, the company says I need hair samples or nails of my children and father but my wife insists on not doing it. If I do it, I will leave home. My mother said to do. I do not know what to do. Now she's hugging me all day, there's no way to get a sample, she doesn't have hair. One side is the mother, the other is the wife, what should I do right? Actually the baby is not like his parents at all. I am very confused, insomnia 2 weeks now. Now look forward to writing up so readers have advice for me. Thank you.

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'A hut of two gold hearts paintings' is durable

From the day he started working as a real estate salesman, I had to ask for extra support from my mother to take care of both of our boarding houses. His salary was within the limit of a dozen days, then I braced myself.

We have known each other for more than 2 years, through the mutual play friends. At that time, I didn't think I would know him because he was younger. At that time, he was just a graduate student, his career was not stable. Gradually, I was persuaded by him because of his quiet personality, hard work, older thoughts than his age, I accepted his affection at any time.

We are all people from the province who come to Saigon to study and work. Later, when the two moved to live in a shared accommodation, our bad habits gradually showed up, disagreements about thinking, and how to live a lot. It was over.

For the past half year, he moved to a real estate company in sales position, before that he also studied to get a real estate broker certificate. He shared that he was interested in this career and wanted to work to see if it was appropriate. I support because you think that you will try probation within 3 months is clear results, probationary salary is just over 3 million. I have been unemployed for a long time, mostly as a freelancer, my income is not stable, just enough to take care of myself.

Every day I give him money to spend, meet customers. Just after 3 months, he still has not closed a customer to bring the contract to the company. I have repeatedly commented that the work is not suitable, he should move to the right major in the hotel restaurant, it is better, the main thing is to stabilize their material life, but now we still have to Get more support from family. Our family are all unaware of this affair.

Yet every time I share the worry that "rice and rice money", he gets angry, saying that this job needs to be persistent to succeed, where it has absorbed a few months. He also told me to look down on him, criticize him for being incompetent, say that his family did not support him, and that I was the only one who supported him. He made himself do it, said no need to help me from any money now, borrow yourself, take care of, do not bother me. He was even more sulky, saying that he would go to work more at night in the restaurant until late at night. Every time I was angry, he ran away from home in the night, and I always begged and apologized to not want him to wander the streets.

For the past few months I have been trying not to ask my mother for any more money. The money I saved with most of it around when living around worrying for both. I lived moderately and waited for luck from him to close a guest to receive a% of commission from the contract. Or rather, I just hope to quickly come to the day when he will give up the hope of this precarious job.

To this day, when I heard him say that this month's salary was just over one and a half million dongs due to the deduction of up to 2 million for running the general advertising of the team, I urged him to quit immediately. You have done this work for half a year, I told you that if you do not take a break, I will go back to my hometown for a while, only then will I be able to reduce the spending for one person. When you spend most of it I will go back to help you.

So he turned to tell me to leave him in difficult times, and then told him to do this because of his passion, whether he had to leave or anything after Tet. He said he was not the type to live in safety, didn't dare to face challenges like me; If I can't suffer with him, that's all, he doesn't force me. He told me to find someone else to take care of my life better. Actually, he is a good person, very fond of pampering me, he comes home from work and also knows to take care of rice, laundry, cleaning the house. I did not expect anything more than a simple life, just having enough warm clothes, enough food to wear, not falling into poverty, debt was very peaceful. Yet the way of life, our views differ so much, has not found a common voice.

I was bewildered, not sure what to do to improve the relationship between the two of us? Am I too pragmatic to support my career passion? Please give me sincere advice. Thanks a lot.

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He was about to get married, and he said many things that hurt me

My friend and I have known for nearly 2 years, considering the wedding. A few months before the wedding I discovered his temper but let it go.

For nearly a month of getting ready to get married we quarreled loudly because I went to the market to buy new house cleaning tools without consulting him. At a time of conflict, I wanted to explain why I had bought it without asking him, he shouted, told me to shut up, shut up.

I want to tell him to correct it, he said he can stand it, if he can't stand it then go another way. Why is that, while I do everything I think for him, always try to make him happy, so that he will not work hard. Yet I received the dissatisfaction and hurtful, painful words that almost fainted from him. Hope you share with me.

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I'm happy to be home with a little girl

14 years ago, I was a young graduate teacher, full of enthusiasm. Suffering the new job that taught the final year students should be basically the same.

Once the school organized an exchange with a bank, I sang a song and finished singing down the seat when a small, lovely student with sad eyes holding a shy rose bouquet: "I give you ", that moment changed my whole life.

I was so impressed with the young student that she went to the student room to ask for background information, she did not attend the class she taught. Then I found out her home address and boldly came over. Just like that during the day, the teacher went to teach, the students went to school, in the evening he went to school and the students worked part-time. After 2 years when I graduated from graduate school, the student graduated from university and then went to work, the teachers and students decided to go to the same house.

Then the big princess was born, the husband of the lecturer and the accountant wife, in general, the material life was also difficult. Then I started a business with my friend, 3 years after the loss, debt. Perhaps teaching and opening a company at the same time, so it's not good to do anything. My wife always encouraged me to pass, and then I went everywhere to borrow money to pay the debt. I decided to take a break from teaching, close the company, go to work for a foreign company, and my wife quit my accounting job and came back to open a small shop selling women's fashion. Time went by, debt after 2 years to work I paid off.

After getting married, I want the couple to live separately but the wife does not agree with the reason like no one: "In private, who can manage the teacher, but he kept going around so I stay at home with my grandparents to help avoid fear". That's it, my wife has been living with her parents-in-law for 14 years now and never knows. Having my parents always defended her, more than defending my son, didn't know why.

Now, after 14 years, the time is not too long or too short, my wife and I have a spacious house with a swimming pool, trees, a car large enough for the whole family to hang out for the weekend and especially have three more lovely angels that I just want to finish working hours to return to them immediately. It is said that happiness comes from the simplest things and yes, after 14 years everything can change, shape, relationship, but the one thing that doesn't change is my love for her. . I still want a working day to pass quickly so I can go home to play with my three angels and tease my little student.

On the last day of autumn, the weather was nice, the schedule with the partner was soon and successful faster than expected. Sitting in his room he wanted to write some thanks to "my little student". Want to say a sentence: "Thank you my little pupil".

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I went back home for five and a half years but my grandparents did not look once

I am the author of the article: "I decided not to let my husband take my children to visit my grandparents", thank you for your understanding and sharing, and also thank you so much for the bricks and stones of many brothers.

Only then did I realize that I am so lucky because my husband is a modernist, non-patriarchal and imposing wife and child like his brothers. I do not intend to explain, justify, only a few points to clarify so that you do not have to misunderstand and also want to end the story here because there are many things to worry about in life.

Our two children are not fluent in Vietnamese, they are completely innocent and innocent, do not know anything about their grandchildren 's home, they are too young to understand, only know that their grandmother or video call every day, they realize It's just a grandmother, so there's no way you can tell me that I raised my son to be hostile. I have never told my child that my paternal house is not so good or that or praised my grandmother, nor have I ever banned her from contacting my paternal house; These things only my husband and I understand.

Her parents-in-law are not old people, they live in the middle of Ho Chi Minh City and know how to use social networks. When my son was born, they were only 54 years old, and my mother-in-law had only retired for about a year. Every time our parents-in-law's phone number called us, we hung up, and called back to our grandparents to save money, so there was no cost to call abroad so they didn't ask. My children lived in Vietnam for one and a half years, my grandparents did not look at his face once, then my wife and I did not mention that, invited my grandmother to come and play with my grandchildren for 3 months, she also answered that I did not come.

Some say my husband is weak and clingy to his wife's skirt. He is not perfect but he works hard and respects women and families. My wife and I have the help of our maternal grandmother, but both of them make efforts, work hard, not just spread the red carpet. Because of that, my maternal grandmother respected him very much, just like the "guest-in-law", no one dared to despise him. My husband can buy tickets himself and take his children back anytime without my consent, but if he doesn't choose to do so, you can understand why. If you do anything rash, do not think about the consequences of the future, we probably will not live together for 10 years and have 2 children. I know he knows how to think for children so he doesn't act in a hurry.

How we care about grandparents should not need to tell here, not to tell me gossiping, slander husband's family. Perhaps some of you confuse moss and confide. I only confided my story, did not name the image of my parents-in-law to advertise to the whole society. The talk section is the place to express your feelings, nobody knows who is who. I don't see any hatred in my mind, my point is clearly that if I have determined that I am uncomfortable in a relationship, avoid mentioning it. I can only try to heal a few times in my life, not my whole life. Sorry I'm not a saint. The reason I had written the previous day was because my husband reminded me about bringing my children to grandparents to see my face, otherwise my family would never talk about it.

I think you guys should have a glimpse of what I want to be a single mother, think of simply that when you're off, you need to stop the relationship. My husband is quite a good person, I agree, but my love is only 20%, you recommend that I still live in that marriage? I am more than love. You also do not think that divorce is due to adultery or want to earn West, West is not sure as we should not think of West is terrible. I find it very funny to think that I want to leave my husband and get married to the West; I'm not a teenage girl who needs a nationality to marry West, trade everything.

The future I did not say in advance but currently there is no need for men, as well as being emotional with the opposite sex. The work of women like rice, family management or the things of men I do okay. I think that being a single mother in society right now is not so different. Lastly, I just want to say thank you for all of your advice, I still keep my point of not letting my kids go home without me, for the health of the kids, and more I love my dad but I can never sleep with him. I just sleep with my mom. When I have the opportunity to play, it will create opportunities for children to meet.

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